Enjoy The Best Beaches Life Only At Brighton Bay!

Find Brighton’s incredible spared mystery!

Completely gave and only a short distance from the sea shore, our extravagance lofts are inside the core of the legend Brighton Bayside. In the event that you’ve not the slightest bit endeavoured for rental previously, get ready to be changed over. In the event that you have, at that point you’ll be shocked essentially how parts you get while you pick our extravagance loft convenience.

Superior to any of Melbourne Hotel/ Short live lofts which you won’t have any desire to leave!

Regardless of whether you’re going to the Sandringham, Elwood Hampton, as well Brighton hotels all for big business or recreation, our beachside convenience is the ideal way to appreciate the high-calibre that the spot needs to give. Appreciate the entirety of the opportunities that adjusted living arrangements need to give in our calm boutique private structure. Ideal for hover of family member’s excursions or the solo-stays, all you have just few best minutes as in from renowned bistros, eating places, films, shops, rec centres and then some, implying, which you are never going to be the shy of activities.

Why choose us?

On that Brighton, has been situated only a little ways from CBD Melbourne by instruct, giving up the opportunity to appreciating cosmopolitan kind of lifestyle local people love and know effortlessly. Our visitors get complimented WIFI also get section to the Health Brighton hotels in Melbourne or Club Baths.

So, why should we settle all for any hotel room while you can live in own one of a kind private, roomy, costly townhouse?

At the apartments of Brighton Bay, we expectation to cook for your necessities – regardless of what they may be. Whether you searches for a huge, luxury accommodation with more than one rooms or something littler to coordinate a littler gathering, we’ve been sure for having precisely what you’re searching out.

  1. Standard Apartments: Roomy two room, latrine pads, with both a patio and gallery. Full kitchen, relax/lounge area and clothing.
  2. Exclusive Apartments: Bigger two and three room homes with two washrooms, many with the different report, extravagant decorations and either huge yard or colossal overhang.
  3. Our Locations: Our Apartments have been situated in bayside one suburbs of Melbourne or the Brighton, only with 18-minutes to instruct, even substantially less via vehicle, all from CBD.

Brighton settles towards Phillip Port Bay’s mind blowing coastline. All we’ve got here is that guests can encounter immaculate sea shores, beautiful bluff apex strolls, the foreshore cruiser trail, intriguing purchasing towns with comfortable bistros and stunning accommodation or eating places. Fairways, yachts, clubs, and nature holds and more than 40 parks are dabbed for the length of the district.

There are a few noteworthy chateaus just as the suffering Brighton Middle Beach washing compartments which go back in year 1862.


Enjoy The Best Beaches Life Only At Brighton Bay!
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