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Customized timber pallets Melbourne are made by us and are used to carry, stack, store, and safeguard boxes and crates of supplies. Our material handling equipment, which includes pallet lifts, cranes, and belts, as well as being stored in bulk storage, racking, or vehicle storage, may all be used to handle our regular and custom wooden pallets in Melbourne. We offer a variety of sizes for our pallets Melbourne, and we may modify their layout to accommodate the dimensions and weight of your goods. Our timber packaging goods are made from wood that has been certified by ISPM-15, making us one of Melbourne’s most reputable pallet suppliers. Also, two prominent members of the industry with a combined thirty years of expertise in timber packaging oversee us. At this place, no amount is too tiny. Our goal is to maintain the flow of your products.  


Timber Pallets Melbourne has long been a mainstay of contemporary logistics. Pallets, which offer a more effective means of transporting crates and other types of bulk freight, are transported billions of times a day throughout the world. 140 million pallets are thought to be in use in Australia alone. Because they are inexpensive to make, reasonably sturdy, and relatively repairable, wooden pallets are the preferred cargo transit option for numerous organizations. However since wooden pallets are made of biological materials, poor-quality pallets would not only collapse under the weight of the cargo but will also harbor pests and vermin that can travel to other locations through domestic and international trade. It is recognized by us that export timber pallets Melbourne must be robust and free of pests. We use ISPM-15-certified wood to make premium pallets because of this. The Worldwide Plant Protection Convention of the United Nations has sanctioned this global standard, which provides the perfect guidelines for handling wood that will be used to make pallets. 

Even though general pallets are the most often used pallet length in Australia, not all businesses use them. Enter custom-made quality pallets Melbourne.  We are a pallet supplier that constantly aims to fulfil international shipping requirements. We can make custom pallets that are suited to your logistical requirements. Do you require export timber pallets Melbourne to adhere to regulations in a foreign country? Are you trying to find export pallets in Melbourne that can store more or have a wider base? Our unique pallet sizes can meet a range of logistical requirements, regardless of the size, weight, or density of your items. The most appropriate parameters for your wooden pallets in Melbourne can be discussed with you by our dependable service staff. For the completion and delivery of your pallet order, consider 5 to 7 entire business days. 

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