What Do You Need To Know About The Gravel Driveways?

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Gravel driveways are very much common and one of the most popular driveways these days. The terminology gravel actually refers to stones and rocks which are of the size greater than the size of the sand and less than the size of a cobbler which means that the actual size of these range from one tenth of the inch to 2.5 inch. These gravels are then spread loosely on the driveways. These are not only used in the homes but are also suitable for long driveways. The gravel driveways of JEI Pebbles are not very much expensive and these are usually made on the roadways which lead to the garages in the residential properties and these are equally popular for the country side roads.

There are different sizes of the gravel and usually these are categorized based on the sizes. Most of the times, the gravel that is used in the construction of the road is not of one type but more than one kind of gravel is used. Commonly three different size of the gravel is used and this help in creating the strong foundation for the road. The layers of each type of the gravel is put to make the road strong. The foundation layer is very important and plays a crucial part in strengthening the road. The base layer utilizes the gravel which is around 2 inches in the diameter and the most common name for this kind of gravel is the clean stone. Usually, these are cut by the machine and these are irregular stones. The base layer is usually very thick and this is of the 4 inches. This type of thick layer ensures that the road is made suitable for the drainages.

Usually the names of the gravel which are used in the gravel driveways are as items and each new gravel is recognized by the item number 4 or item number 3. The item number 4 gravel is also very famous for the gravel driveways. These types of gravel include other materials as well and this is usually of the size of the golf ball. The common materials which are included in it are the concrete, blacktop and the brick rock and sometime other kind of stones are also mixed in it and these are crushed by the machine. The colour of this type of gravel is usually grey and the sometimes it is dark blue kind of grey as well. However, such kind of gravel is mostly popular for the project of the municipal where there is need for paving. But this item number 4 kind of gravel could also be used in the gravel driveway as the foundation gravel.

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